1. Members must provide honest and accurate responses asked of them in taken surveys. Honesty and accuracy are critical to consumer research and the success of Viewpoint Forum. Failure to comply is grounds for removal from further participation. At any time, and without explanation, Viewpoint Forum maintains the right to discontinue a member's participation as a result of data discrepancies, inaccurate responses, and improper use of ID and password information.

  2. Members must keep confidential all information related to a particular survey. Surveys may involve new ideas, concepts, and actual products or services that are confidential in nature. It is critical that members observe this confidentiality, unless specifically instructed otherwise. Failure to keep all information relating to a particular survey confidential will result in termination of membership. This confidentiality is related to survey content that includes, but is not limited to, questions, images, and video displays.

  3. Viewpoint Forum reserves the right to discontinue the membership of any member not actively responding to e-mail requests for survey completion. Active involvement is defined as completing at least one survey for every four consecutive surveys offered. Failure to meet this requirement will result in deactivation of the member.

  4. Members of Viewpoint Forum are awarded points for every completed survey. The number of points earned for a particular survey will vary depending upon the type of survey, the specific requirements for survey participation, interview length, and complexity. Once a member earns 375 points (currently equivalent to $10.00) he or she is eligible to "cash out". It is not, however, required that a member cash out once reaching 375 points as he or she may also choose to accumulate additional points prior to selecting the option of cashing out. Once points are cashed out, the member's balance goes back to zero points. Members can elect to cash out points anytime their balance is 375 points or greater. Viewpoint Forum reserves the right to make changes to this process.

    SchoolViews members: Your points will be converted to cash which is then automatically sent to your school each quarter.

  5. Viewpoint Forum members forfeit any points in their account if their participation is discontinued for any reason other than lack of active involvement.

  6. Compensation of points is awarded in various forms. Typically, a member can expect to receive payment in 14 business days or less after cashing out.

  7. Viewpoint Forum reserves the right to make changes to the terms of compliance and compensation program without notice.